[Buildbot-devel] Merging buildrequests and custom build properties

Axel Hecht l10n.moz at googlemail.com
Fri May 23 10:06:31 UTC 2008

I filed http://buildbot.net/trac/ticket/288 on this, too.


2008/5/22 Axel Hecht <l10n.moz at googlemail.com>:
> Hi all,
> Dustin just took custom build properties onto his branch,
> http://buildbot.net/trac/ticket/87#comment:21, and there is a at least
> one thing that I found now that bugs me.
> And that is merging of build requests. Here's what the code on
> http://darcs.r.igoro.us/darcsweb.cgi?r=dustin;a=summary does (I hope
> that's the right repo):
> The scheduler sets properties as given in the master.cfg, and feeds
> them onto the Buildset, the Buildset passes them over to the
> Buildrequests. Now, the Buildrequests merge as they previously did,
> i.e., when the source stamps merge. The source stamps (rightfully,
> IMHO) don't know about the properties, so build requests merge
> independently of that. When setting up the actual Build, startBuild
> calls into setupProperties, which then goes over all merged requests,
> and updates the Build properties from the buildrequest properties.
> The behaviour here is pretty canonic for a single scheduler with
> static props per Builder.
> In my scenario, the Scheduler would actually add dynamic properties
> onto the Buildset, in particular, set the locale code to use for this
> build. Now, merging these is counterproductive for me here.
> Another scenario would be that there are multiple schedulers feeding a
> single Builder. Not sure if those should merge or not, I'd like to
> hear from folks that are using that. The downside of merging these is
> that when updating the properties, you'd loose one of the two
> scheduler names in the build property, and it might be timing
> dependent which.
> Comments? Oh, and, Dustin, sorry for not looking at that earlier.
> Axel

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