[Buildbot-devel] Custom properties from force build page

Aaron Maxwell amax at snaplogic.org
Thu Jan 17 18:23:49 UTC 2008

Hi all,

With our QA system here, I have a custom force build page, created by 
subclassing buildbot.status.web.builder.StatusResourceBuilder.  What I'd like 
to do is have additional form elements in the web interface: in particular, 
two checkboxes, for (a) running performance benchmarks and (b) doing code 
coverage.  These boolean values would then be passed into the build somehow, 
probably as build properties.

Can anyone advise on the best way to accomplish this?  By examining the 
request object to StatusResourceBuilder.force() in a subclass, I can see the 
raw form values.  I have not been able to use that info to set properties on 
the build so far. 

Another, probably better solution is described in this thread and ticket:

The ticket includes some patches adding custom properties.  They seem to be 
based on 0.7.4, and some hunks failed when I applied them to 0.7.6.  I'm sure 
I can massage them in fairly easily, but before putting more time in it I 
first want to check with the list, to see if anyone knows of a better 
solution I missed.

Are the patches on ticket #87 the best version of this idea at the moment?  Is 
there a now a better way to do what I'm trying?

Thank you,

Aaron Maxwell .:. amax at snaplogic.org .:. http://snaplogic.org
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