[Buildbot-devel] multi repository svn checkout and force build

John Stile john at stilen.com
Tue Feb 12 02:28:59 UTC 2008

I have setup a BuildFactory that completes a build on a slave with a
single shell script.  It simply runs:
   f = factory.BuildFactory()
   f.addStep(shell.ShellCommand, command="/home/build/build_script.sh")

I would like to use the force build web page to specify what revision to

The steps below show you my build checks out 3 repositories (only part
of the last repo is needed), working copy naming is significant, and I
must change directory before running the build. 
Step1: Checkout repository_A
Step2: Checkout repository_B
Step3: Checkout 3 directories in repository_C
Step4: Change into repository_A/trunk/Sources/
Step5: Run qmake and make

The build directory structure must look like this:

Could would I do this with the 'source.SVN' or is my case too complex?

How do I control the working copy names?

How do use the force build to control which revisions of each repository
I am checking out?

Would it be easier to passing a revision number from the force build web
page to my shell script?

I don't know python yet, but I'm pretty good with bash and perl.

Thank you!

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