[Buildbot-devel] Get nothing doing WithProperties("%s", "revision") from a previously source.SVN(mode=export) step

J. Félix Ontañón fontanon at emergya.es
Tue Apr 8 11:58:23 UTC 2008

Hi all,

It's there any way to get the "revision" common build property from
a previously exported branch?

An example:

f.addStep(SVN(svnurl="http://mysvn/myapp", mode="export"))
          command=["tar", "czf",
                  WithProperties("build-r%s.tar.gz", "revision"),

I get the wrong: "build-.tar.gz"
But if i set mode="update" it gets right!: "build-r56.tar.gz"

Maybe a way to bypass the revision with .setProperty() or something?


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