[Buildbot-devel] Licensing clarification

Gianluca Sforna giallu at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 10:40:20 UTC 2007

A new Fedora policy requires me to better specify the license of
packages included in Fedora 8.

For the complete story:


Now, while reviewing the buildbot files, I found out that there is no
COPYING (or LICENSE) file containing the full license text, nor the
source files have a copyright notice as suggested by:


The file buildbot/changes/hgbuildbot.py is the only one with a proper
copyright notice, though the version is not specified.

So, what I would need is an official statement from the copyright
holder(s) about which version of the GPL the sources are covered (v1,
v2, v2 or later, etc)

Moreover, I suggest you add to the source files an header like the one
proposed in the gpl-howto, and possibly add a COPYING file with the
full license text.

Thanks in advance for your help


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