[Buildbot-devel] FileDownload step never finishes

John Bäckstrand sandos at sandos.se
Thu Nov 22 08:22:21 UTC 2007

Brian Warner wrote:
>> Does anyone know what the problem is likely to be?
> Not offhand, but I know that FileDownload/upload has a control-flow problem
> when the number of segments it sends gets large, something is screwed up that
> causes each segment to get a new stack frame, until you can hit
> "RuntimeError: maximum recusion depth exceeded" exceptions.

I tried using a FileUpload a week or two ago, but the step never 
completed. File was 25+MB. I then decided that I should probably not use 
buildbot for "managing" artefacts anyway, so I just gave up on FileUpload.

John Bäckstrand

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