[Buildbot-devel] isImportant and logging

John Bäckstrand sandos at sandos.se
Fri Nov 16 14:13:44 UTC 2007

This isnt specifically about isImportant, actually. I am trying to 
ignore our build-number files being updated by a successful build 
(infinite loops, yey!) but it doesnt currently work.

My qustion is basically how to debug something like this? How would I 
for example output to the logfile in my isImportant?

Curently the snipper of master.cfg looks like:

## configure the Schedulers

def isImportant(change):
         for f in change.files:
                 if(f != "conf/lobby_buildnumber.properties" or f != 
                         return True

         return False

from buildbot.scheduler import Scheduler
c['schedulers'] = []
c['schedulers'].append(Scheduler(name="trunk", branch="Gex",

So, any way to hook into the logging of Buildbot from within master.cfg?

John Bäckstrand

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