[Buildbot-devel] mangled CVS checkouts because of -d and no -N

Cavanagh, Sean (Sean) scavanagh at avaya.com
Fri May 25 20:05:42 UTC 2007



I started playing with buildbot last week, and have very good things to
say about it, overall.


I did have one minor bug though; when doing a CVS checkout, it happens
that I check out a number of submodules like /foo/bar/baz/baz.py

So there are no files in /foo or /foo/bar except for CVS.


Since the CVS class in the slave/commands.py implements the checkout
with the '-d' option, CVS assumes in such cases that you just want the
file at the bottom of the tree, and so all I get in my build dir is
baz.py.  And then my loadbuild script would choke because baz.py was in
the wrong place.


Fortunately, one can tell CVS to stop being helpful with the -N flag, so
my fix to command.py is this:



<                    [verb, '-N', '-d', self.srcdir])


>                    [verb, '-d', self.srcdir])


My thought is that for build purposes and unadulterated checkout would
be preferred most of the time, but this may be self centered.  I suppose
that by leaving it out one can put it into the global options if they
want it, but if the option is in by default you can't remove it easily
from master.cfg.  But if that is a requirement, one could add a flag to
remove it...


In any event, at least this is now in the mail archive and if somebody
else has this problem, they might be able to find the solution one




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