[Buildbot-devel] python dependencies on FC6

John Pye john.pye at anu.edu.au
Wed May 16 23:50:56 UTC 2007

Hi all

I just installed buildbot on Fedora Core 6 using 'yum'. It lists quite a
lot of dependencies from python-twisted, but it was my understanding
that buildbot only depended on a smaller subset of python-twisted. Is
this correct? If someone can tell me the correct subset, I could pass it
on the Fedora people.


 buildbot                noarch     0.7.5-1.fc6      extras            1.5 M
Installing for dependencies:
 SOAPpy                  noarch     0.11.6-5.fc6     extras            289 k
 python-fpconst          noarch     0.7.2-3.fc6      extras             14 k
 python-twisted          noarch     2.4.0-3.fc6      extras            4.5 k
 python-twisted-conch    i386       0.7.0-4.fc6      extras            465 k
 python-twisted-core     i386       2.4.0-6.fc6      extras            1.7 M
 python-twisted-lore     i386       0.2.0-4.fc6      extras            120 k
 python-twisted-mail     i386       0.3.0-4.fc6      extras            511 k
 python-twisted-names    i386       0.3.0-3.fc6      extras            108 k
 python-twisted-news     i386       0.2.0-3.fc6      extras             74 k
 python-twisted-runner   i386       0.2.0-4.fc6      extras             24 k
 python-twisted-web      i386       0.6.0-4.fc6      extras            599 k
 python-twisted-words    i386       0.4.0-3.fc6      extras            515 k
 python-zope-interface   i386       3.0.1-6.fc6      extras            230 k

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