[Buildbot-devel] Many builds out of one directory?

Nathan J. Williams nathanw at MIT.EDU
Mon May 14 17:50:03 UTC 2007

I'm starting to set up a bunch of builds with buildbot. I have the
different builders and their dependancies reasonably configured, but
there's one aspect that would be helpful to change.

The problem is that all of my builds build slightly different products
or configurations out of one very large source tree, about 2GB. The
straightforward configuration of this leads to having a checked-out
tree for each distinct build, which is rapidly becoming a problem. The
builds themselves are reasonably well-behaved and can coexist in a
single tree, even being built at the same time; is there some sensible
way I can configure buildbot to do its builds and updates with just
one checked-out tree?

    - Nathan

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