[Buildbot-devel] Running two version of buildbot on same machine

Geoff Wedig gwedig at d2.com
Mon May 7 22:42:13 UTC 2007

Hello.  Forgive me if this is a duplicate.  I have been having email 

This is probably more of a python question than a buildbot one, but here 
goes.  We are currently running version 0.7.3 of buildbot, and have had 
some success with it, but also a few problems.  We're pretty sure from 
the various online documents that 0.7.5 will fix some of the problems, 
but don't want to take the existing, mostly functional system down 
without testing the new system first.  However, so far, all my attempts 
to run buildbot 0.7.5 locally have met with no success.  It seems intent 
upon using the version that is currently installed, returning version 
numbers of 0.7.3 (for example).  Is there a way, perhaps modifying the 
python paths, to make it use the local versions of the buildbot code so 
that I can test it without having to blow away our earlier installation?

Any help would be really appreciated.



Geoff Wedig
Software Engineer
Digital Domain

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