[Buildbot-devel] Windows specific tips for buildbot

Mateusz Loskot mateusz at loskot.net
Wed Oct 18 23:16:50 UTC 2006

Stephen Farrar wrote:
> Grig Gheorghiu wrote:
>> === Running the slave as a service?
>>> It's the absolute suck to have to have a session opened with
>>> "buildbot.bat start-slave ." running. I was looking at getting things
>>> running as a service, but didn't find much information? Some of the docs
>>> point to using srvany.exe and such, but I haven't found a download from
>>> Microsoft with those tools ( Resource Kit ) that works on 64 bit
>>> platforms?
>>> There.. hope I can grab some bits of information from the various issues
>>> there..
>> I used the srvany method on a 64-bit Windows box, using 32-bit 
>> Resource Kit
>> utilities, and it worked just fine.
> If you didn't want to use svrany, you could use the Task Scheduler.  In 
> my opinion, it's easier than windows services and svrany.
> However I've had some problems using both svrany and task scheduler.  It 
> all works fine, the buildbot runs in the background when the computer 
> starts, etc.  But if any user logs in, and then logs out, the buildbot 
> dies.  I believe that windows sends all processes a logout event 
> whenever any user logs out, so it's probably something to do with this.
> Has anyone else ever had these problems, and/or has a solution?

Have you tried this script?


I run a few slaves and one master on my Windows XP box and I registered
one BuildBot service + configured startup parameters (directories).

Everything works well.

Mateusz Loskot

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