[Buildbot-devel] Windows specific tips for buildbot

Stephen Farrar stephen.farrar at cisra.canon.com.au
Wed Oct 18 22:59:32 UTC 2006

Grig Gheorghiu wrote:
> === Running the slave as a service?
>> It's the absolute suck to have to have a session opened with
>> "buildbot.bat start-slave ." running. I was looking at getting things
>> running as a service, but didn't find much information? Some of the docs
>> point to using srvany.exe and such, but I haven't found a download from
>> Microsoft with those tools ( Resource Kit ) that works on 64 bit
>> platforms?
>> There.. hope I can grab some bits of information from the various issues
>> there..
> I used the srvany method on a 64-bit Windows box, using 32-bit 
> Resource Kit
> utilities, and it worked just fine.

If you didn't want to use svrany, you could use the Task Scheduler.  In 
my opinion, it's easier than windows services and svrany.

However I've had some problems using both svrany and task scheduler.  It 
all works fine, the buildbot runs in the background when the computer 
starts, etc.  But if any user logs in, and then logs out, the buildbot 
dies.  I believe that windows sends all processes a logout event 
whenever any user logs out, so it's probably something to do with this.

Has anyone else ever had these problems, and/or has a solution?


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