[Buildbot-devel] CVS Limitations and other setup issues

A.T.Hofkamp a.t.hofkamp at tue.nl
Thu Nov 16 11:48:12 UTC 2006

Bailey, Darragh wrote:
> 1) It seems that you cannot retrieve more than one module/directory at a
> time. This seems to a limitation compared to using cvs from the command
> line. It also seems to be compounded in that it doesn't appear to be
> possible to have multiple checkouts run without stomping all over one
> another?

You can always fall back to the generic shell command, where you can do 
anything you like.

> 2) Also should you wish to automatically setup to use cvs over ssh or
> via another remote shell, you can't modify the environment variables
> used for the cvs commands on the slaves from the master. Part is that

The generic solution to this (at a Posix system) is to prefix the shell 
command with an assignment of the environment variable you want to change, ie

CVS_RSH=ssh cvs export etc/etc

sets the environment var CVS_RSH to ssh, and then executes the cvs command 
(sorry for the bad cvs example, I haven't used it for a over a year, so my cvs 
syntax is a bit rusty).

The above is what you must provide as shell command.

You can construct such a line in a master by using the build properties 


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