[Buildbot-devel] CVS Limitations and other setup issues

Bailey, Darragh dbailey at hp.com
Thu Nov 16 10:14:24 UTC 2006

I've been looking at setting up a gui interface to show the status of
various builds of a product at work for a while now. Currently the best
I've seen is buildbot :)

I've noticed what I think are some limitations involved in retrieving
sources from CVS in buildbot. I plan to make some changes to make use of
cvs checkouts easier but I'd just like to check that I'm not mistaken in
what functionality I've currently encountered, before making any
changes. There's a good chance that I've missed some tricks :)

1) It seems that you cannot retrieve more than one module/directory at a
time. This seems to a limitation compared to using cvs from the command
line. It also seems to be compounded in that it doesn't appear to be
possible to have multiple checkouts run without stomping all over one

2) Also should you wish to automatically setup to use cvs over ssh or
via another remote shell, you can't modify the environment variables
used for the cvs commands on the slaves from the master. Part is that
cvs doesn't support modifying from the command line of all the
environment variables it uses to change its behaviour. CVS_RSH is one
such variable. The classes for the commands to be executed on the
buildslaves appear to support modifying of the client environment but
there doesn't appear to be anyway for the CVS class to pass such changes

Darragh Bailey

HPC Systems Software Engineer
Hewlett Packard Galway Ltd.
+353 91 75-4674

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