[Buildbot-devel] Summer Of Code projects

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Wed May 10 17:12:51 UTC 2006

> Really, the way to think of Axiom is as yet another try at tap/tac/...
> files, this time done _really_ right.

Ahhh.. yes, I think I see that now. Thanks for that explanation, it gives me
more insight into what Glyph was thinking than Glyph himself was able to
provide :).

SQLite first, then MySQL is sounding like the best approach. Since having
other tools query the database is the entire point of this project, it is
essential that the tables be useful without a lot of python- or axiom-
specific knowledge.

> While I'm here, I'll also reiterate _my_ Number One Feature Request
> (even though it's too late for SoC) -- some way for someone at the
> master, to get a shell on a slave.

Could you file an RFE on that? It shouldn't be massively have to implement,
and I don't want to forget it. Also could you muse about the setup/security
issues in the ticket, like what master-side port you telnet/ssh into to get
the shell and how you keep non-buildmaster admins from getting into it.
localhost-only socket? passwords? ssh server?


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