[Buildbot-devel] feature request: link to display change diffs

Stephen Davis buildbot at soundgeek.org
Fri Dec 29 05:09:08 UTC 2006

When you create a Change object, you can pass in a "changelink"  
argument which will get presented on the html status pages.  That  
link can be anything you want but probably requires a touch of  
customization to your ChangeSource.  I don't know if the default ones  
have changelink support.  I have a custom email parser  
(buildbot.changes.MaildirSource) whose final parser lines look like:

        # create single fisheye link based on the revision
         link = "https://svn.mycompany.com/fisheye/changelog/ 
myproject?cs=%s" % revision

         # return buildbot Change object
         return changes.Change( who, files, comments,  
revision=revision, branch=branch, changelink=link )


On Dec 28, 2006, at 8:14 AM, Robert Mecklenburg wrote:

> In the current release the changed by page lists the files changed in
> the last revision.  It would be really nice if this file listing
> were to have hyperlinks for each file that would display the diff for
> that file's checkin.  Alternatively, the revision number could be a
> link that displayed the diff for that change set.
> This sounds like it could be hard to do for all the source code
> control systems buildbot supports but perhaps the source control api
> could be extended in such a way that it could be stubbed out and
> implemented case by case.
> BTW, I've posted several questions and requests because I'm using
> buildbot in preference to CruiseControl at my organization and I'm
> trying to fend off the "but CruiseControl does it" arguments.
> Thanks for buildbot!
> Robert Mecklenburg
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