[Buildbot-devel] feature request: link to display change diffs

Robert Mecklenburg rmecklenburg at s5w.com
Thu Dec 28 16:14:17 UTC 2006

In the current release the changed by page lists the files changed in
the last revision.  It would be really nice if this file listing
were to have hyperlinks for each file that would display the diff for
that file's checkin.  Alternatively, the revision number could be a
link that displayed the diff for that change set.

This sounds like it could be hard to do for all the source code
control systems buildbot supports but perhaps the source control api
could be extended in such a way that it could be stubbed out and
implemented case by case.

BTW, I've posted several questions and requests because I'm using
buildbot in preference to CruiseControl at my organization and I'm
trying to fend off the "but CruiseControl does it" arguments.

Thanks for buildbot!
Robert Mecklenburg

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