[Buildbot-devel] Multiple builds on the same host

Ben Hearsum bhearsum at wittydomain.com
Mon Dec 11 00:17:35 UTC 2006


I'm having a problem (I think) with Buildbot. I have buildslaves that are are
listed in two different builders -- I was hoping to minimize the queueing of
builds by doing this -- but if 2 builds start that are buildable by one of
these hosts they will both be built on it rather than one on each capable host.

Here are snippets from my master.cfg:

firefox_places_unix_builder = {
    'name': "CentOS 4.3 moz at seneca dep places",
    'slavenames': ['linux1','linux2'],
    'builddir': "firefox-places-linux",
    'factory': factory.BuildFactory(firefox_places_unix_steps),
    'category': "Places",

firefox_places_win_builder = {
    'name': "WINNT 5.2 moz at seneca dep places",
    'slavenames': ['win1','win2'],
    'builddir': "firefox-places-windows",
    'factory': factory.BuildFactory(firefox_places_win_vc8_steps),
    'category': "Places",

firefox_places_bookmarks_unix_builder = {
    'name': "CentOS 4.3 moz at seneca dep places-bookmarks",
    'slavenames': ['linux1','linux2'],
    'builddir': "firefox-places-bookmarks-linux",
    'factory': factory.BuildFactory(firefox_places_bookmarks_unix_steps),
    'category': "Places Bookmarks",

firefox_places_bookmarks_win_builder = {
    'name': "WINNT 5.2 moz at seneca dep places-bookmarks",
    'slavenames': ['win1','win2'],
    'builddir': "firefox-places-bookmarks-windows",
    'factory': factory.BuildFactory(firefox_places_bookmarks_win_vc8_steps),
    'category': "Places Bookmarks",

As an example, I had a build for firefox_places_win_builder and
firefox_places_bookmarks_win_builder at the same time and they were both built
on win1 rather than splitting the load.

Is this intended behaviour? If so, is there a way to do what I'm trying to?

- Ben Hearsum

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