[Buildbot-devel] Buildbot with virtual machines

Stefan Seefeld seefeld at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 18 13:39:34 UTC 2006

Trevor Strohman wrote:
> I am building a "virtual" build farm, where almost all of my target  
> platforms are virtual machines running on the same hardware.  I  
> expect that eventually I will have 10 to 15 operating system images  
> on a single dual processor machine (and perhaps more).  This machine  
> also needs to have enough spare capacity to run a few other low-load  
> services.
> Because there are so many virtual machines, I don't want them all to  
> run at the same time.  Ideally, when a build is submitted, buildbot  
> could launch some of the virtual machines, let them complete the  
> build, then shut them down, then start a new batch of machines.
> Is this possible?  I don't mind modifying some code since I'll be  
> writing my own system if buildbot doesn't work for me.

While there may be some workarounds to make this possible (as others
have already pointed out), I think what would really help here is
support for load balancing as suggested here:


I initially suggested this in a mail back in April

Unfortunately, neither got any attention from buildbot's developer(s)
so far.

Needless to say, a solution that could be merged back into buildbot
would be most beneficial for other buildbot users.



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