[Buildbot-devel] problem with cvs checkout on windows

Alexander Lorenz lorenz at testingtech.de
Tue Aug 8 09:31:51 UTC 2006


i'm having the following problem when trying to run the cvs checkout  
buildstep from step.py on a windows client:

apparently, with windows, the cvs command is not called directly, but 
treated like a shell commands step, thus executed as "cmd.exe /c cvs ...".
this leads to cmd.exe not resolving the source stamp argument ( -D) 
correctly and passing each part of the date to the cvs command as a 
single argument.
the result is the cvs command not being able to check out module 
"Monday" etc. , of course.

is there a way to get the cvs command being called directly, not via 

another way - probalby better - would be to quote the source stamp.

btw, quote from the cvs manual:

"Remember to quote the argument to the -D flag so  that  your  shell  
doesn't  interpret spaces as argument separators."




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