[Buildbot-devel] warning shellcommand step

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Apr 18 07:17:44 UTC 2006

> >             Is it possible to make a shellcommand step be shown as a 
> > warning result?
> perhaps you are looking for this:
> http://buildbot.sourceforge.net/manual-0.7.2.html#Common-Parameters

Right, what he said. In general you have to use a BuildStep that already has
some concept of "warnings", or write your own. Some pre-existing BuildSteps
implement a special evaluateCommand() method to grep for certain patterns in
the output and use this to decide to declare the step as finishing with
results==WARNINGS instead of SUCCESS. But the basic ShellCommand only knows
of two results: SUCCESS if rc==0 and FAILURE otherwise.

Once your BuildStep can finish with one of (SUCCESS, WARNINGS, FAILURE)
rather than merely SUCCESS or FAILURE, you can use those warnOnWarnings /
flunkOnWarnings parameters to define what should happen to the overall build
if the individual step finishes with WARNINGS.


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