[Buildbot-devel] SvnChangeSource was Re: RFC: more flexible web status display

Niklaus Giger Niklaus.Giger at netstal.com
Thu Apr 13 06:11:16 UTC 2006


I will give it a try. Probably not in the next two days but before two weeks.

>>> Brian Warner<warner-buildbot at lothar.com>
12.04.06 18:08:12 >>>
>Hmm. With a little bit of work, we could incorporate that script into the
>buildmaster itself, so that you just add a SVNPollerChangeSource.. that would
>let it keep the "last transaction seen" data internally instead of needing to
>keep it in an external file, and would remove the need for the PBChangeSource
>listener.. Gah, too many projects, I should finish the web stuff and the
>build properties first. File an enhancement request if you'd like to see this
>happen, at some point I'll get it done. I'd also be happy to walk somebody
>else through writing it.. it shouldn't be all that hard.

I think the hardest part will be writing a test case using subversion.
Should I try to add testing this to test_vc.py?
Or would it better to add some test_helper_svn.py which could be
used by test_vc.py and test_changes.py?
Your opinion would be welcomed.

Best regards


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