[Buildbot-devel] Need help.

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Wed Apr 12 08:02:32 UTC 2006

>From: "Li Chao" <lchao at idengines.com>
>Date: Fri, 31 Mar 2006 12:58:56 -0800
> 1.    My svn mode is update. How come every time it deleted the "build"
> directory and check out the new code again instead of updating the
> existing code? I don't have a shell command "rm" to delete the "build"
> directory.  

That *is* odd. The buildslave makes a decision about whether the "build"
directory needs to be deleted based upon two things (for SVN):

 1: is there an .svn directory?
 2: does the contents of .buildbot-sourcedata match what we used last time?

The second test exists to make sure that two builds (one of the trunk, the
second from a branch) don't cause the buildslave mistakenly use the wrong
tree for the second build. Many version control systems do not let you
"update" from one branch to another. To avoid this, we write the branch name
into .buildbot-sourcedata each time we do a full checkout, and the next time
we consider doing an update, we look at the contents to make sure the tree is

Maybe there is a bug? Could you check to see if the .buildbot-sourcedata file
is present, and if so, what are its contents?

> 2.    The build failed every time. It successfully checked out the code,
> but it showed "Fail to kill the process". You know what the problem is .

It isn't clear where exactly the build failed. Was it still in the SVN
checkout process? If so, when you do an SVN checkout manually, do you observe
a long delay between the final "Checked out revision 5993" line and the
command actually completing?


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