[Buildbot-devel] Setting the PATH for a test run

Paul Gregory aqsis1 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 7 08:08:55 UTC 2006

On the first point, that is what I ended up doing, not ideal, perhaps
there should be a way to get hold of this common information from
somewhere in a future BuildBot update?

The second point, I realised already that I could update the PATH in
the 'env' parameter to the Step, that isn't the main problem, perhaps
I didn't explain properly. The problem is, how do I get the fully
qualified path to the generated executable. That is, I know it's in
'build/aqsis/output/bin' but how do I know where 'build' is? I need
something like '/home/buildslave/regression/build/aqsis/output/bin',
but how can I find out the extra information needed?



On 4/7/06, Kevin Turner <kevin at janrain.com> wrote:
> On Thu, 2006-04-06 at 10:55 +0100, Paul Gregory wrote:
> > 1) setting workdir='aqsis' for the build doesn't work, as SVN checked
> > out to 'build/aqsis', How can I get the base directory ('build') when
> > setting up the workdir?
> To some degree, it depends on what source step you used -- some of them
> can be configured to put their output in a directory not named "build."
> But if you've figured out that it does need to be 'build', I think the
> best approach for now is to just hardcode your workdir as
> build/aqsis/testing/regression in your configuration.  Yes, that's a
> little fragile in the event that the source step changes and you're no
> longer using a directory named "build" anymore, but it works.
> > 2) I need to get '<base>/aqsis/output/bin' onto the PATH used for
> > running the regression test, how can I do that?
> You can set environment variables, including PATH, by providing a dict
> for the 'env' parameter of the build step.  PYTHONPATH is treated
> specially -- it is concatenated with the builder's local PYTHONPATH, not
> replaced -- I don't remember if PATH receives this same treatment or
> not.
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