[Buildbot-devel] Making IRC bot annouce every failure?

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Sat Oct 15 19:43:56 UTC 2005

> I can only get the IRC bot to respond to commands and watch a single
> builder, not to do asynchronous announcements for every failure for every
> builder.

Sure thing.. that's not too hard, I just haven't gotten around to
implementing it yet. I was thinking of a 'buildbot: subscribe' IRC command to
initiate it, but you could also do the announcements all the time. I was also
thinking of some sort of 'buildbot: hush' command to turn it off for a while.

The words.IRC class is a StatusReceiver, and as such its .builderAdded method
will be called each time a new Builder is added (plus the method will be
called for all Builders which exist when the IRC instance is first started).
As with all StatusReceivers, if the .builderAdded method returns 'self', it
will also have its .buildStarted/.buildFinished methods called for each build
of that Builder. (see buildbot.interfaces.IStatusReceiver for all the

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