[Buildbot-devel] PATCH: make svn_buildbot.py branch-aware

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Tue Nov 29 09:15:28 UTC 2005

> Did anybody have a look into this patch ? Is this a reasonable approach ?
> I don't know who maintains this file, so please let me know whom to contact
> to work further on this feature.

Probably me, I didn't write it initially (I think JP did, one of the twisted
guys), but I'm probably just as responsible for it now as anybody.

I've run out of buildbot time for the day, but I'll try to take a look at it
soon. If there's one clear function to override that computes a branch for
each filename, that'd be best. That way most users (i.e. those who aren't
using branches) can stick with the default that always returns
(None,origfilename), but branch users can change it to implement something
more complicated.


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