[Buildbot-devel] buildbot-0.7.1 released

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Sun Nov 27 03:05:29 UTC 2005

I've just finished releasing buildbot-0.7.1, which is now available on the
sf.net download site:


As usual, the release is signed with my GPG key (0x1514a7bd), and the tarball
checksums are as follows:

 md5: 669862b626bd88b1ec49606a3ba5eb52  buildbot-0.7.1.tar.gz
sha1: 239ad76182262405f25d343bcc7b91765a8c707b  buildbot-0.7.1.tar.gz

This release has a number of bug fixes and a few new features, many are due
to Dobes Vandermeer. Thanks Dobes!

The biggest new feature is the brand-new 'Nightly' scheduler, which provides
"crontab"-style control of periodic builds. They can be scheduled to occur at
particular times of day, week, month, or year, so you can have nightly
builds, morningly builds, weekend builds, holiday builds, etc. Dobes wrote
the basic implementation, and I hacked it up mercilessly, so if there are any
problems, blame me.

Other changes include fixes to work with Trial from post-2.1.0 versions of
Twisted, a new "resubmit this build" button on the web page, and better
processing of the config file. Please see the attached release notes for more

Have an emergent day,

* Release 0.7.1 (26 Nov 2005)

** new features

*** scheduler.Nightly

Dobes Vandermeer contributed a cron-style 'Nightly' scheduler. Unlike the
more-primitive Periodic class (which only lets you specify the duration
between build attempts), Nightly lets you schedule builds for specific times
of day, week, month, or year. The interface is very much like the crontab(5)
file. See the buildbot.scheduler.Nightly docstring for complete details.

** minor new features

*** step.Trial can work with Trial from Twisted >2.1.0

The 'Trial' step now accepts the trialMode= argument, which should be a list
of strings to be added to trial's argv array. This defaults to ["-to"], which
is appropriate for the Trial that ships in Twisted-2.1.0 and earlier, and
tells Trial to emit non-colorized verbose output. To use this step with
trials from later versions of Twisted, this should be changed to

In addition, you can now set other Trial command-line parameters through the
trialArgs= argument. This is a list of strings, and defaults to an empty list.

*** Added a 'resubmit this build' button to the web page

*** Make the VC-checkout step's description more useful

Added the word "[branch]" to the VC step's description (used in the Step's
box on the Waterfall page, among others) when we're checking out a
non-default branch. Also add "rNNN" where appropriate to indicate which
revision is being checked out. Thanks to Brad Hards and Nathaniel Smith for
the suggestion.

** bugs fixed

Several patches from Dobes Vandermeer: Escape the URLs in email, in case they
have spaces and such. Fill otherwise-empty <td> elements, as a workaround for
buggy browsers that might optimize them away. Also use binary mode when
opening status pickle files, to make windows work better. The
AnyBranchScheduler now works even when you don't provide a fileIsImportant=

Stringify the base revision before stuffing it into a 'try' jobfile, helping
SVN and Arch implement 'try' builds better. Thanks to Steven Walter for the

Fix the compare_attrs list in PBChangeSource, FreshCVSSource, and Waterfall.
Before this, certain changes to these objects in the master.cfg file were
ignored, such that you would have to stop and re-start the buildmaster to
make them take effect.

The config file is now loaded serially, shutting down old (or replaced)
Status/ChangeSource plugins before starting new ones. This fixes a bug in
which changing an aspect of, say, the Waterfall display would cause an
exception as both old and new instances fight over the same TCP port. This
should also fix a bug whereby new Periodic Schedulers could fire a build
before the Builders have finished being added.

There was a bug in the way Locks were handled when the config file was
reloaded: changing one Builder (but not the others) and reloading master.cfg
would result in multiple instances of the same Lock object, so the Locks
would fail to prevent simultaneous execution of Builds or Steps. This has
been fixed.

** other changes

For a long time, certain StatusReceiver methods (like buildStarted and
stepStarted) have been able to return another StatusReceiver instance
(usually 'self') to indicate that they wish to subscribe to events within the
new object. For example, if the buildStarted() method returns 'self', the
status receiver will also receive events for the new build, like
stepStarted() and buildETAUpdate(). Returning a 'self' from buildStarted() is
equivalent to calling build.subscribe(self).

Starting with buildbot-0.7.1, this auto-subscribe convenience will also
register to automatically unsubscribe the target when the build or step has
finished, just as if build.unsubscribe(self) had been called. Also, the
unsubscribe() method has been changed to not explode if the same receiver is
unsubscribed multiple times. (note that it will still explode is the same
receiver is *subscribed* multiple times, so please continue to refrain from
doing that).

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