[Buildbot-devel] Retrieving build results

Marc Sibson marcs.nospam at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 01:53:26 UTC 2005

Hello all,

For what it's worth I'll chip in my two cents, as we seem to be into the
same problems.  I'd agree with Joel regarding not putting policy into
buildbot.  We currently have policy in our buildSteps and it requires too
much voodoo when we have to release outside of the normal cycle.

With 0.7.x we are planning on moving to more flexible system with a new tool
to manage the release process.  It will trigger buildbot builds and then
mangle the build artifacts as necessary to create the release.  If we have
to do oddball builds we will still be able to build with buildbot, ensuring
reproducible builds, but how they are tagged remains under our control.

More practically, I'm thinking of having the slave send the artifacts back
to the master and attaching them to the Build ala the logs.  I foresee
having a status target that will be notified of the build completion and
then be able to take appropriate action.    The other option I see is having
buildbot post date or build number stamped artifacts to a public share but
that doesn't seem to taste right.


On 11/28/05, Joel Becker <Joel.Becker at oracle.com> wrote:
>         That said, I'm not sure where this functionality goes.  Our
> release numbers work very well for us, but might not work for others,
> and if you put the policy in buildbot, you remove flexibility.
>         Discuss :-)
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