[Buildbot-devel] buildbot 0.6.6, twisted 2.01, OS X 10.4 : help?

Brian Warner warner-buildbot at lothar.com
Mon Jun 13 21:13:58 UTC 2005

Ok, I got a note from <dialtone> on the #twisted irc channel.. it sounds like
you can either use zope.interface from their SVN repository, or apply a
one-line patch to z.i-3.0.1final:

<warner> anyone using 2.0 under OS-X Tiger?
<dialtone> me
<warner> I've got a buildbot user who's having problems getting z.i to compile
<warner> any pointers?
<dialtone> yep, change a line in z.i
<dialtone> there's an extern that has to be changed in a static
<dialtone> or something like that
<dialtone> it's because of gcc 4.0
<dialtone> z.i svn works
<warner> he couldn't make 3.0.1final work with gcc-3.3 either
<dialtone> in _zope_coptimizations.c
<dialtone> I've successfully built z.i in all OSXes I've used
<warner> so should he patch 3.0.1final or patch z.i svn?
<dialtone> static PyTypeObject SpecType; /* Forward */
<dialtone> z.i svn works well without any patches
<warner> righto. thanks!
<dialtone> or he should change the line above
<dialtone> it must have the static in front

Somebody else points out that the optimizations are optional, so it should
work just as well (only slower) without the .c files being built. However,
the z.i build process doesn't make it easy to skip the compilation step.

If that fails, search around for z.i packages made by Bob Ippolito.. he's the
main python/objc/twisted hacker in these parts.

Let me know if that works.. if not I'll poke around some more.


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