[Buildbot-devel] trying to use buildbot for freeware scientific data package...

Brian Warner warner at lothar.com
Fri Jan 9 18:39:59 UTC 2004

> How do I find the buildmaster's web page? There doesn't seem to be any
> web pages in by BuildBot directory...

In the master.cfg file there is a key named "webPortnum" (probably set to
8080 in the example). The buildmaster is listening on that port. Point your
browser at http://localhost:8080/ to see it. This uses a built-in web server,
rather than creating static .html pages that would then have to be served
with some external server like apache.

> > There is also a flag you can set from the config file which will cause a
> > build to be scheduled every N seconds, which might be useful (if somewhat
> > wasteful of CPU time and CVS bandwidth) until you get your CVS notification
> > up and running.
> What is that flag?

It is an attribute of the Builder object named .periodicBuildTime . If that
is set when the buildslave attaches (set to the number of seconds to wait
between builds), a new build will be initiated one a regular basis.

Looking more closely at the code, I see that the new config-file scheme makes
it a bit harder to get that attribute set. (once upon a time you created the
Builder objects in the setup script, so you could just do a
b.periodicBuildTime=600 right there).

Right now the easiest way to get it set would be to hack the code. Either
modify buildbot/process/base.py line 358 (Builder.__init__) to set
"self.periodicBuildTime = 3600" (or whatever you like) instead of "= None".
That will cause all builders to rebuild once an hour. Or, to get a bit more
control over it, edit buildbot/master.py around line 584
(BuildMaster.loadConfig_Builders) and do something like
builder.periodicBuildTime=3600 after the new Builder is created. Doing it
there would let you selectively add it based upon the builder name or

I'll look into making this flag easier to get at once more, maybe by adding
an argument to the c['builders'] tuple, or possibly by finding a way to
expose the Builder objects to the config file.

> > Also, if you run the debug tool (contrib/debugclient.py), there are some
> > buttons there to force builds by name.
> > 
> When I run that I can't get it to successfully conned to my builder.
> Is there a way to set the password? I type in the name of my builder,
> and when I try and connect I get an error in the master log: 
> 2004/01/09 11:04 MST [Broker,3,] Peer will receive following PB traceback:
> 2004/01/09 11:04 MST [Broker,3,] Failure: twisted.cred.error.UnauthorizedLogin: 

The c['debugPassword'] key sets that password. The debug port is the same as
the one used for c['slavePortnum'].

I think most of these config-file keys are listed in the larger
twisted_master.cfg example file. I'm overdue to migrate those docs into
something more useful.. I'll try and make the next release focussed on
improving the documentation so that this information is easier to locate.


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