[Buildbot-devel] trying to use buildbot for freeware scientific data package...

Stephen Davis stephendavis at mac.com
Fri Jan 9 18:39:13 UTC 2004

On Jan 9, 2004, at 10:06 AM, Ed Hartnett wrote:

> Brian Warner <warner at lothar.com> writes:
>> If you load up the buildmaster's status web page, you'll see some 
>> links at
>> the top with the name of each Builder. Follow that link to get to the 
>> Builder
>> status page, and you'll find a pair of text fields and a button 
>> labeled
>> "Force Build". Fill in the text fields with your name and a reason 
>> for the
>> build (these are put into the status output to replace the usual list 
>> of
>> Changes that triggered the build) and push the button. That will kick 
>> off a
>> build immediately.
> How do I find the buildmaster's web page? There doesn't seem to be any
> web pages in by BuildBot directory...

It builds the pages dynamically.  By default, the web page is served 
from port 8080 on the build master machine.

>> Also, if you run the debug tool (contrib/debugclient.py), there are 
>> some
>> buttons there to force builds by name.
> When I run that I can't get it to successfully conned to my builder.
> Is there a way to set the password? I type in the name of my builder,
> and when I try and connect I get an error in the master log:
> 2004/01/09 11:04 MST [Broker,3,] Peer will receive following 
> PB traceback:
> 2004/01/09 11:04 MST [Broker,3,] Failure: 
> twisted.cred.error.UnauthorizedLogin:

The password is the 2nd argument to ./debugclient.py, defaults to 
"debugpw" if not given.  Note that the first arg should be 
"buildmaster:8007", not just the name of the master machine.


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