[Buildbot] #2872: No error is reported when suppressionFile does not exist

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Sat Mar 12 05:55:40 UTC 2016

#2872: No error is reported when suppressionFile does not exist
Reporter:  wentasah  |       Owner:  MikeLing
    Type:  defect    |      Status:  assigned
Priority:  minor     |   Milestone:  0.8.x
 Version:            |  Resolution:
Keywords:  simple    |

Comment (by MikeLing):

 Replying to [comment:12 dustin]:
 > Once you have a working master (basically, by following the tutorial),
 add a !WarningCountingShellCommand with a suppressionFile that does not
 exist, force a build, and see what happens :)

 Sorry for the late reply! I just busy with some other works and the my new
 semester just start. Sorry

 you're right, we still need to work on this issue(I mean need some more
 work to fix this bug)

 I set up the buildbot config like:

                   warningPattern="^(.\*?):([0-9]+): [Ww]arning: (.\*)$",
 and I got failure and output like this
 But I can't find any log message like "Cannot open file noexistfile.supp
 for upload" and don't know what exactly suppressionFile been uploaded(not
 exist file or just a None)

 I will look more into this :)

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