[Buildbot] #2714: Rewrite irc status to work with data API

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Tue Oct 27 16:56:10 UTC 2015

#2714: Rewrite irc status to work with data API
Reporter:  dustin  |       Owner:  jaredgrubb
    Type:  task    |      Status:  new
Priority:  major   |   Milestone:  0.9.0
 Version:  master  |  Resolution:
Keywords:  irc     |

Comment (by jaredgrubb):

 Looking in the source, I think it's most of the way there. There are a few
 TODO/FIXME left in the source. Here's the ones I think are still

  * buildStarted: a TODO to create a change list
  * buildFinished: a FIXME to retrieve the blamelist
  * buildFinished: a FIXME to provide a URL for the build
  * watchedBuildFinished: a FIXME to provide a URL for the build
  * command_NOTIFY, command_HELP, command_FORCE: a FIXME to "think about"
 this one; I think these are no longer issues and these comments should be
  * command_DESTROY: a FIXME about "self.bot": I dont think the 'nickname'
 ever gets set
  * command_STOP: I dont think this has been ported. Need to be able to
 stop a build.
     * getControl: only used by "STOP" and can be removed if not needed.
 Currently a TODO
  * subscribe : need to be able to subscribe to a build request

 Finally, Contact is still derived from
 buildbot.status.base.StatusReceiver. Is that still necessary, is there a
 replacement, or does it just inherit from one of the Service bases?

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