[Buildbot] #2818: [nine] rewrite buildsteps to not write to status

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Fri Sep 12 18:10:40 UTC 2014

#2818: [nine] rewrite buildsteps to not write to status
Reporter:  dustin       |       Owner:  dustin
    Type:  enhancement  |      Status:  new
Priority:  major        |   Milestone:  0.9.0
 Version:  0.8.7p1      |  Resolution:
Keywords:               |

Comment (by dustin):

 Updated status:

  *  [DONE] making waitingForLocks a local (private) attribute of BuildStep
 (why was this ever on the status?!)
  *  [DONE] building a fake self.step_status for old-style steps with
 methods setText, setText2
  *  [DONE] removing uses of self.step_status in
 master/buildbot/process/buildstep.py - in most cases these are already
 paired with a data API call, so they can simply be removed. Calls to
 setText can be replaced with calls to updateSummary.
  *  [DONE] removing setSkipped calls (nothing ever calls isSkipped anyway)
  *  [DONE] fudge things in LoggingBuildStep so that they continue to work
 as much as possible, even though the step_status argument to
 evaluateCommand probably doesn't do what the user expects anymore
  *  [DONE] removing setStepStatus and related methods for setting up step
  *  update tests
    *    [DONE] for changes above
    *    [WORK IN PROGRESS] the default expected final status for every
 step has changed from status_text=['generic'], and will need to be updated
 in each test. It's probably best to make this argument optional, since
 it's not particularly interesting in most cases.
      *      trying desperately to keep old-style step descriptions the
 same, but boy are they confusing!
      *      renamed the `expectOutcome` `status_text` parameter, so un-
 edited tests are obvious
    *    [DONE] if we call updateSummary, it can't be illegal (call
 realUpdateSummary instead)
  *  removing progress/ETA support (I think there's already a bug to re-add
 this in a more functional fashion)
  *  adding data API support for hidden steps
  *  [NEW] remove `master/buildbot/status/buildstep.py`, moving it to
  *  [NEW] convert `stepStateStrings` to take only a single string, since
 that's all we produce with the summary handling.

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