[users at bb.net] Limit amount of DockerLatentWorkers running on a particular physical machine

Vlad Bogolin vlad at mariadb.org
Tue Jun 28 09:44:16 UTC 2022


We are using buildbot with primary DockerLatentWorkers for our CI. So,
given a physical machine, we have several DockerLatentWorkers that may run
on it. While this works well, in some cases buildbot starts too many latent
workers on the same machine. Is there a way to limit starting builds for a
particular DockerLatentWorker if others are already running on the same

I feel like this should be achievable using the canStartBuild, but I am
unsure how. Is it possible to access the full list of defined latent
workers and see if one is on or not in the canStartBuild function?

Thank you!
Vlad Bogolin
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