[users at bb.net] Scheduler set custom property based on changed files

Ryan Schmidt buildbot at ryandesign.com
Wed Aug 19 01:35:21 UTC 2020


I continue to ponder my buildbot 2.8.2 configuration. I have a SingleBranchScheduler using treeStableTimer and I may want to use collapseRequests later, so a single build could have multiple changes, each having changed multiple files. I would like to set a property on each scheduled build whose value is computed based on the files that were modified. (I also have a ForceScheduler where the user will be able to set this property directly.)

I see that the scheduler attribute "builderNames" was changed to accept an IRenderable that can compute its value based on, among other things, the list of files that were modified:


But it looks like the scheduler attribute "properties" must still be specified as a hardcoded dictionary. Would it be reasonable to give "properties" the same treatment that was given to "builderNames" and make it accept an IRenderable too, or is there a different preferred way to accomplish this? Can I misuse a "builderNames" renderable to set a build's properties? Or should I just use a custom step as the first step of the builder to set the property based on the changed files?

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