[users at bb.net] Handling additional log files

Ryan Schmidt buildbot at ryandesign.com
Mon Aug 3 08:38:35 UTC 2020

I have a build step that runs something like ./configure && make && make install. If it fails, I might like to see the contents of the config.log file in the buildbot web interface. (If the build succeeds, I don't need to see the config.log.) What's the best way to go about doing that, bearing in mind that the location of the config.log is not known ahead of time, and there might be zero or one or more than one of them? (I'll need to run a command on the worker to locate any config.log files that might exist.)

I'm considering creating an additional build step that would only run if the previous step failed (can I do that?) that would find and cat each config.log.

I found this old ticket about this problem but it doesn't look like anything happened with it:


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