[users at bb.net] BuildBot multi master helm chart

Olaf Radicke briefkasten at olaf-radicke.de
Mon Apr 27 07:03:07 UTC 2020

Thanks Pierre, for your comments and explanations.

> Yes, it is the code name for buildbot 0.9+ which introduced 
> rest api and message queues for everything.

So, the worker is communicat with a message queue and not
more direct with the masters? Will the workers have unique 
logins again? So that we get the same problem with the 
static configuration of the replicasets?

> Pierre Tardy <tardyp at gmail.com> hat am 27. April 2020 08:13 geschrieben:
> >  Okay if I understand this correctly, the configuration is still 
> >  very static.
> >  
> >  https://github.com/Zempashi/buildbot_kubernetes_deployment/blob/master/kubernetes/buildbot-master.cfg.yml
> >  
> >  Here in lines 25 to 31 BuildBot gets the value for the configuration 
> >  from the environment variable. Correct? 
> >  
> >  Who tells BuildBot that the environment variable has changed? 
> Environment variables cannot change dynamically. 

I'm aware of that. What are our options?

- name: Kubernetes operator
    - We do not need to change the architecture of BuildBot.
    - A lot of workronds are required.
    - It only works with Kubernetes
- name: BuildBot does without unique logins.
    - No workarounds on cube level.
    - Works also without cubernets.
    - The master-worker communication needs a session ID. So a 
      change to the BuildBot code - right?

Best Regards,


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