[users at bb.net] BuildBot multi master helm chart

Olaf Radicke briefkasten at olaf-radicke.de
Sat Apr 25 19:18:06 UTC 2020

Hello everybody!

I'm a BuildBot newcomer. In the last weeks i played  around with BuildBot on 
Kubernetes. The outcome is a helm chart. You will find it in my git repository 
under https://github.com/OlafRadicke/buildbot-multi-master-helm-chart.    

I found out some things about BuildBot on kubernetes and BuildBot as multi master 
setup, but not the combination of both. I think, the multi master option and 
the small footprint of the ButldBot master is a big plus in opposite to Jenkins. 

I'm happy about your suggestions and comments!

Best Regards,

Olaf Radicke

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