[users at bb.net] Buildslave limit help

Andrej Breza jabbadabba at pobox.sk
Fri May 24 13:25:47 UTC 2019

I'm  trying to figure out how to limit the number of simultaneously running workers (or builders) on my setup.
The setup: Two bare metal servers, both running a docker daemon. Multiple DockerLatentWorkers instances configured, each of them "mirrored" so that it has an identical copy for the other server, except the worker name (e.g. "server-A-llvm-6-worker" and "server-B-llvm-6-worker") . Then a bunch of Builders, with each Builder setup to run on either server, e.g.
c['builders'].append(....  workernames=[ "server-A-llvm-6-worker","server-B-llvm-6-worker"] ... )
What i'm trying to figure out, is how do i limit the number of workers (or builders) running per server. Is this possible ? I'm currently using buildbot 2.0 but i can upgrade if required.
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