[users at bb.net] Continuous Delivery Foundation

Craig Rodrigues rodrigc at crodrigues.org
Tue Jan 29 05:14:19 UTC 2019


I recently came across this post:

"Continuous Delivery Foundation"

"A New Home for Jenkins"

These posts propose the formation of the
"Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF)" as a sub-foundation under
the Linux Foundation.  The ideas is that the CDF will be a place where open
source projects that address Continuous Delivery can live, and get some
amount of support.

The idea is being pushed by the Jenkins project, but ultimately,
the CDF would be open to other projects besides Jenkins.

I'm just providing this info as an FYI to the Buildbot community.
If the CDF is formed, then maybe this is something that the
Buildbot project can take advantage of.

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