[users at bb.net] Assigning builds to specific workers?

Alexey Demakov demakov at ispras.ru
Thu Sep 20 04:57:27 UTC 2018

Hi Chris,

See canStartBuild function:



On 20.09.2018 1:08, Chris Spencer wrote:
> How do you specify a worker to be assigned a build for a specific branch?
> I'd like to automate deployments to my staging server, so whenever 
> someone commits to my "staging" branch, and all tests pass, I'd like 
> to append a build step that deploys these changes. To ensure that 
> multiple workers don't try to deploy at the same time, I want only my 
> first worker to be given the task of building changes for the staging 
> branch.
> I can't find anything in the docs that explicitly mentions how I might 
> do this.
> I thought I might be able to use the "nextBuild" parameter on the 
> BuilderConfig in my master.cfg, and give it a function to skip the 
> build if it's for staging, but not on the right worker, but it looks 
> that's only run on the master and not all the workers, so that won't work.
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