[users at bb.net] debian packages?

Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Tue Feb 27 05:39:38 UTC 2018

Hey all,
happy to see https://github.com/rjarry/debian-buildbot/ is at 0.9.14.
I tried building it on Ubuntu 17.10 to see how close it is to working.
I've never touched kosher python debian packaging before, but that
repo looks fine to me.  debuild generated a mostly empty package,
though, until I added the two files



Haven't tried the resulting .deb to see if it works yet, has anyone else yet?

Speaking strictly as a newbie at packaging python,
the breakneck pace of the scheduled dependency updates
in the git tree looks rather intimidating; HEAD from buildbot.net uses versions
newer than those in ubuntu 17.10.  I'm moving to 18.04,
and hope its curated suite of python packages is new enough,
but those breakneck updates feel like a problem unless
they can be throttled back somehow to match the curated linux distro
of interest.


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