[users at bb.net] Store triggered build as a property in the triggering build

Will Rosecrans wrosecrans at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 00:45:43 UTC 2018

I have a buildbot job that builds some software, makes a binary, and then
triggers a separate job to run some tests that only need the binary while
it continues running some tests that require the full source.  I am
impatient, so I want the triggered job to run asynchronously from the rest
of the build.  (Both take ages).  But I would still like the overall job to
fail if the triggered builder fails.

So is there some way for me to set a property in the builder saying
something like the job ID # of the triggered build, that I could use in a
step at the end of the triggering build to poll for completion status of
the triggered build?

Having to refactor things so that the controlling build's tests could run
as another triggered build would mean having to upload the whole massive
half-built source tree to the master, and then schlep it to another worker
machine to run those tests -- and it would leave the machine that currently
runs the tests just sitting idle occupying a build machine waiting for the
triggered jobs to finish.  So I'd like to avoid going that route in this
particular scenario, even if the master-controller that just triggers is
usually recommended for this sort of thing generally.  (I already have a
master controller that triggers builds on all the OS's)

Any clever ideas?
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