[users at bb.net] Deleting old buildmasters

Linus Arver linusarver at gmail.com
Wed May 17 22:01:49 UTC 2017

Hello list,

I am running buildbot 0.9.6 in a Docker container, where it talks to a
persistent Postgres instance that runs directly on the host. Each time I
recreate and restart the container (thus getting a new container id,
which is also the hostname of thet container), I get a new entry in the
`masters' table in Postgres, like this

    bb=> select * from masters;
     id |              name              |                name_hash                 | active | last_active
      3 | 8ca58cb394eb:/var/lib/buildbot | e9be010d83a1ba038d7588f827c45596cadc30f0 |      1 |  1495054677
      1 | 79a58211314a:/var/lib/buildbot | 82957e4bd1448caeec776b9f1627e4e17727ff11 |      0 |           0
      2 | bf927d013d62:/var/lib/buildbot | a9c43dc195ada6bd95ee5a46f04f54c743a647c5 |      0 |           0
    (3 rows)

. In the web interface these obsolete buildmasters show up as having
been active 47 years ago (because the UNIX timestamp is 0 for these).

Is there a way to delete these old buildmasters, without manually going
into Postgres (with `delete from masters where last_active = 0;')? I
just find it annoying that the web interface displays these old
buildmasters with no way to delete them.


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