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Alvaro Erickson alvaro.erickson at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 16:41:17 UTC 2017

Hi Mike,

I too would like to see what your solution for saving a log (into plain
text, not html) for all steps after a build is finished. Specifically, if
you could please share the subclassed Build class for log generation. Any
examples would be very helpful.

Background: On my work project, one of the goals is they want all the build
logs to be archived.



On Mon, Mar 27, 2017 at 8:52 AM, Mike Alexeev <mike.42.alexeev at gmail.com>

> Hello, Koutheir
> I have also similar problem.
> I need to save log from all steps after build finished.
> No html just plain text.
> It seems that there is no ready solution.
> For example there is no file storage in buildbot for files (reports, logs
> and other build artifacts).
> So my solution is not universal though it can be helpful.
> For log generation I subclassed Build class. You can set your own custom
> Build class
> to build factory in buildbot config.
> I overrided buildFinished method and added there code to collect log from
> all steps.
> In build instance you have access to Data API and you can read logs from
> DB.
> I can share example if you want.
> For file serving I use nginx.
> I added links to log in build page template and substitute path to log
> based on build properties.
> So every build has link on its page to log.
> I think that saving log can also be implemented as step running on Local
> Worker
> (it runs on master).  But I used custom build class because it looks
> cleaner (no odd steps in build).
> By the way, can be there default implementation for file storage in
> buildbot?
> For example default solution with twisted file serving
> and possibility to use server like nginx in bigger setups. Just like db
> setup - sqlite has no external
>  processes and easy to setup, but  also you can use postgre which much
> more faster.
> What about adding post-build hook in configuration? Log-saving method for
> example could be
>  set there
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