[users at bb.net] buildbot integration with gitlab

Gelonida gelonida at gmail.com
Mon Mar 20 14:10:53 UTC 2017



We're using Gitlab  for managing our merge requests.


Gitlab allows CI pipelines, that can show a status icon next to a build 
request indicating, whether a merge requests passed CI tests or not.

For one of our projects one of our colleagues added a small CI pipeline 
into gitlab (and one Runserver) and the status check is rather helpful 
for our development.

We'd like to better integrate gitlab / buildbot.


How to best use gitlab together with buildbot and get the CI status back 
to gitlab?

I assume, that I have to use the GitLabStatusPush object.

What I'm not that sure about:
- We have multiple builders for each repository /commit. How to decide, 
which builder / builders will update the status?
- If there's multiple builders, will there be multiple statuses to be 
seen at gitlab?

Thanks in advance for some answers / advice

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