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I just started with buildbot 9 (and have a little experience with 
buildbot 8)

In our environment we have about 50 different git repositories and about 
100 builders (between 1 and 4 builders per repo).

Each repository has  20+ branches which can be grouped into production 
branches, integration branches and developer branches.

The naming style for the branches is something like:
/dev/<userid>/<version>/what/ever # for developer branches
/integration/<version> # for integration branches
/production/<version> # for production branches


I'd like to be able to filter the builds (e.g. the last 500 builds) by 
branch group (regex matching: devel / integration / production), so that 
I could see the build results of only one of these groups.

Further I'd like to display  one line per tuple (builder, branch_name)

Instead of creating this dynamically, this could also be a static report 
page created every X hours.

Did anyone already implement something similar?
Does anyone have a similar issue? If yes how do you solve this problem?
What would be the easiest way to create such a page?
I'm not very good with web development and never tried to change the 
buildbot web front end.
Would it be simpler to create a standalone page, which constructs this 
contents with the help of the web api?
Any other tips / tricks?

Thanks in advance for any tips / suggestions.

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