[users at bb.net] mail notification: different recepients depending on branch regular expression

Gelonida gelonida at gmail.com
Sat Mar 11 12:25:51 UTC 2017



I just started with buildbot 9 (and have a little experience with 
buildbot 8)

In our environment we have about 50 different git repositories and about 
100 builders (between 1 and 4 builders per repo).
Each repository has up to 20 branches which can be grouped into 
production branches, integration branches and developer branches.

Our branches have a certain naming style, which allows to distinguish 
between developer branches (private branches belonging to a developer 
only), integration branches and production branches.

developer branches have a name like





For private branches I'd like to notify ONLY the developer with a small 
lookup table in buildbot's configuration I can map the <userid>
to the email address I had to send information to. (for unknown ids I 
would send the mail to the buildbot admin, so that he can configure 
buildbot accordingly.

For integration branches I'd like to send notifications to the 
'interested' users (the author's of the involved commits) and to the 
integration team
(list of fixed mail addresses in config file)

For release branches notifications to 'interested' users and the release 


Reading the docs I have the impression, that I have to implement a 
custom notifier. The MailNotifier has an attribute 'branches', but it 
doesn't support regular expressions.

How would you approach such an implementation?
What would be the best starting point?
Does anyone have code snippets doing something similar?

Thanks a lot in advance

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